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Do you follow jewellery trends? If so you have surely heard about the one that never goes out of style - a statement chain necklace. Adding gold chain to the jewellery collection has been on minds of many! The main question that have arisen, however, was how to invest in a sustainable option that wouldn’t break the bank, and add that final touch to the personal wardrobe at the same time.

My solution to that dilemma stays always the same - vintage. As a response to your requests I have created the unique chain curation making your chain-chase a bit easier. Consisting of French and Italian made pieces from the 1940s and 1950s, Chain Reaction pays a tribute to the old-new trend the jewellery world welcomes with open arms! And now so can you! With the mini-curation my aim is to deliver to you the most authentic vintage shopping experience online. The curation of chains I prepared for you can be considered a creme de la creme among unique and sustainable chain necklaces. If I could I would keep them all!

If you still wonder what makes this type of jewellery so special, here is my answer. I can’t think of any other style equally versatile as statement chain necklaces. From the post-war costume jewellery of the 1940s through the 1990s street style trends, it has been not only a powerful trend, but a bold fashion statement. Following the newest tendencies in the jewellery world I am happy to engage in its powerful return. I can only imagine countless occasions the gold necklaces can enrich - lunch with your girlfriends, romantic dinner in your favourite restaurant or just a regular day in the office. 

What "Chain Reaction curation by Liza Urla" stands for is the old world’s nostalgia and the reminiscence of the more refined, tasteful elegance. The intricately designed chains are a definition of the vintage charm brought to the daylight of 2020. Remember - trends come and go, but jewellery style is always worth investing in.

"Chain Reaction" Victorian Vintage Chain


"Chain Reaction" Georges Lenfant 1960s Vintage Chain


"Chain Reaction" 1960s Vintage Chain


"Chain Reaction" 1940s Vintage Chain


"Chain Reaction" 1940s Italian Vintage Chain


"Chain Reaction" 18k Vintage Chain