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Jewellery Personal Shopping


"Are you having trouble navigating the jewellery world all by yourself, or you simply have absolutely no idea where to start? I am here to help you find the perfect jewellery piece either for yourself or for your special someone. The jewellery world is your oyster with countless hidden treasures to discover! As a jewellery influencer with 10 years of experience in the jewellery industry, I will help you to navigate this dazzling and sometimes overwhelming world. There are many more options than you think and I have a network of over 500 designers from every corner of the world.

I will help you to find the perfect piece of jewellery if you need something for a social occasion, if you are looking for a gift for your loved one, if you would like a special piece to celebrate an important achievement or if you would like to simply treat yourself.

You can always expect my honest opinion and rely on my expertise as a gemmologist with in-depth  knowledge of gemstones and diamonds. I am happy to answer all your questions relating to the certificates and diamond 4C - to make the jewellery world welcoming and enjoyable shopping experience. I care about delivering value and making you jewellery shopping experience magical." Liza Urla


  • Discreet jewellery personal shopping service where every search is carefully tailored to the exact needs of the individual
  • Luxury experience of purchasing a special piece of jewellery  
  • A trusted second opinion
  • Extensive knowledge and wide network of jewellery designers
  • Possibility to purchase a piece of jewellery at a competitive advantage
  • Communication either in person, over WhatsApp or Email
  • We will track down your perfect piece of jewellery and send it anywhere in the world
  • For your inspiration you can browse jewellery curation on GEMOLOGUE.comInstagram or Pinterest


Book an appointment if you are already planning to spend on a piece of jewellery and / or on a deadline


Please find below three case studies about Liza’s personal shopping services.


A young bride was looking for a second and bespoke engagement ring. She also wanted to have a private VIP shopping experience, as this was such an important jewellery purchase. She was given impartial advice on which brand would make a timeless but perfect ring for everyday wear. The chosen brand carefully prepared a selection of rings prior to her visit, even pulling some pieces from abroad. Budget: £10,000

Many of us will have visualised getting engaged one day. Some of us may even have pictured the ring itself. I was in the former camp but not in the latter. Last year, I had the joy of getting engaged to the love of my life. We decided to look at rings together. Lucky me, I was going to get to pick out the ring of my dreams! The excitement of that prospect shortly turned into panic with questions such as: What type of ring do I want? Style? Cut? Colour? Size? What will be more timeless? What type of ring will suit my hand? How will we approach budget? Where should we look at rings? And a myriad more questions. I had the luxury of being able to decide, but having the choice also made the task more daunting, particularly on a subject which is so delicate; this is a time you should just be happy and celebrating love!

My first instinct was to call the jewellery expert I knew would be the most knowledgeable on the topic, and also the most understanding - Liza. For many, it can be uncomfortable talking about things like budget as ultimately, that is a very personal subject. I sat down with Liza over tea, and she walked me through the different aspects that are looked at when valuing a stone. We talked brands, wholesale suppliers, different styles, what could be tweaked if what I wanted was over-budget - we went through it all.

Through her vast network of contacts in the jewellery world, Liza also organised in-store meetings with brands I said I liked; staff had already been briefed on my preferences and the setting was such that my fiancé and I were taken care of from beginning to end. In hindsight, I'm pretty sure this made it easier on him too! I was lucky to have Liza that could enlighten and advise me. I would highly recommend her as you go through this special time in your life.  

A young gentleman was looking for a branded engagement ring. My engagement ring curation is based on each client’s budget, tastes and the occasion and is prepared in advance prior to the appointment. This particular experience was organised in a luxury private suite where several designers pitched their selection.  Without the need to go to multiple stores across London, this made the whole experience hassle-free and time efficient. The experience was accompanied by champagne for the groom and his friends to make the experience fun and memorable. Afterwards, following the purchase of the engagement ring, a visit to the workshop was organised. Budget: £50,000

Liza helped me pick out a beautiful engagement ring. She did an amazing job describing the different choices and styles available. With her help we got to see a much bigger selection and in a very discreet environment that would have not be possible on my own. She did and amazing job and i would recommend her to anyone who needs a bit of help in picking, what could arguably be, the most important jewellery of a lifetime.


A gentleman was looking for a rare gemstone for a birthday gift on a tight deadline and he wanted to visit jewellery shops accompanied by Liza for a trusted second opinion. The client was introduced to more designers and jewellery options that he would have otherwise considered himself. Liza successfully tracked down a specific gemstone in a short period of time, as well as providing styling advice. Budget: £100,000

Liza Urls is a star! I’m serious. I’m a curious type but would have never learned nearly enough to make a quality choice.


  • Bespoke selection of options based on a client’s budget, tastes and occasion
  • VIP jewellery shopping experience
  • One-on-one experience with Liza in London. It can also be documented by a professional jewellery photographer
  • Charged by the hour, minimum requirement of 2 hours

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